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An NGO that hosts a variety of seminars and workshops for charitable purposes

Free dance classes in choreography and Ukrainian folk dance in Zurich

Free german classes for Ukrainian refugees online and in person

Free legal advice to Ukrainian refugees

Fundraising and other events

About Us

Bonum is a Swiss-based non-governmental organization that organizes free courses, consultations, and seminars for Ukrainian refugees to provide valuable information or skills for their successful integration into Swiss society and to make them feel welcome.

We also host a variety of seminars and workshops to raise funds and collaborate with foundations and charitable organizations that share our values. All funds raised will be used to assist Ukrainian refugees and people suffering under undemocratic political regimes, particularly those in Russia and Belarus. The association’s objective is solely humanitarian and social. We also do not support any organizations with military goals.


Please contact us via messaging or email:

– If you are an expert in a specific field and are willing to run a seminar to help us raise funds.

– If you are willing to help our organization as a volunteer.

– If you have any suggestions or ideas for how to improve our organization.

– If you are a company or a foundation and would like to collaborate with us.

– If you have any other questions.


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