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We would like to invite men to join our Ukrainian folk dance group "Golubka" (starting from 15 years old). This summer, we will be the first Ukrainian group to perform at the Zurich Folk Dance Festival. Join now!

Address: Buecheggstrasse 144, 8057 Zurich Every Sunday from 14 to 16

Fill out the form, if you would like to join:

Hatha yoga and yoga nidra workshop by Natalie Buryak. Thank you for the interesting lesson and positive energy

Association Bonum is pleased to introduce you to another non-profit organization called Capacity, which assists highly skilled job seekers with refugee and migrant backgrounds in their job search.

Are you a highly skilled job seeker with a migrant or refugee background and wanting to optimize your job search? Do you have at least a B2 level in your English or German language skills? Check out Capacity's labour market integration programme Access Fast Track and apply today!

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